Sorry For Not Posting, Here’s A Tutorial Series So You Don’t Hate Me


Hey folks,

So, my apologies for letting this blog languish for a while. I’ve been super busy with “real people work” and haven’t had a ton of time for personal projects. My big announcement du jour, though, is that I have a new series out on CGCookie about working with advanced shader groups in Cycles. Take a look, it can really help in making nodes less threatening to look at, I think. Take a look!

I also will try to be more vigilant in updating here. In a devastating turn of events, I recently lost a TON of work (2.5 years worth, more or less) in a freak accident on both my main HDD and my backup. All of the kings recovery suites couldn’t retrieve my 1’s and 0’s from the ether. This, unfortunately, included my Bruenor project. However, since then true SSS (albeit slow for the time being) and official hair have been added to trunk for Cycles, so I’m looking forward to starting the project from scratch and making some changes I intended to make anyway. So I’ll keep the ol’ blog updated on that progress, and maybe I’ll toss a few other neat goodies your way as well!

Speaking of which, if you’re ever wondering if I truly have kicked the bucket (I’ll attempt to keep my bucket kicking to a minimum, to be sure), hop over to Blender Artists and look up user m9105826. Because that’s me. I’m very active over there and tend to post projects/thoughts/tools/rambling incoherencies there first and often. 

Well, this is probably a glut of info that most people won’t even read for the most part, but I just wanted to keep everyone updated. I still get several new subscribers on YouTube and new followers here every day, so clearly there’s a maintained interest in what I have set out to do here. I’ll still be doing updates here and on my channel, as well as short tutorials from time to time, but the plan for now is to transition my big training dealies over to CGCookie in the future to attempt to make some semblance of respectable income off of my tutorials. But I’m sure I’ll have ideas that aren’t up their alley, and you can be sure they’ll show up here. But keep an eye out over on the Cookie channel/website for my work now and in the future. They’re a great bunch of guys to work with and allow me a much larger distribution platform than I have access to via my amateurish and incomplete YouTube channel.

 Anyway, if you’ve made it this far you’re a trooper and I love you. Private message me with “I read your whole post you glorious bastard!” on my YouTube account and I’ll come up with some kind of personalized prize for you. Seriously.

 Stay awesome, Blenderheads.


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