New Tutorial: Using and installing GoB – Blender in a ZBrush Pipeline



Just finished a short tutorial detailing the installation and basic use of the GoB applink for Blender.


I love Blender. This blog is more or less dedicated to my work with it. But I’ve also been trained in other tools for years that I don’t want to give up, and which are in some cases superior to Blender (sorry, Blender diehards). I believe that Blender can be a valuable tool to be used alongside these other packages, and I think it’s severely limiting to only view Blender as a walled garden.

One of my favorite 3D tools is ZBrush. As someone who sculpts in the real world as well, I fell that no other package quite recreates the feeling as well as the folks at Pixologic have managed to. Working in ZBrush with Blender as the “hub” app used to be a huge pain in the ass compared to other packages. Different UV space, different tangent space, no direct connection, etc. But this isn’t really the case anymore. GoB is a direct applink between the two, and provides a one-click solution to importing and exporting between the two packages, handling UVs, textures, and pretty much everything else seamlessly.

I know the overlap between the two groups of users may be small, but if you’re like me having a tool like this is a life- (and time-) saver of massive proportions.

If there’s enough interest I’d like to do a followup where I really dig into some of the other pipeline functionality of the applink, and even other examples of working in Blender alongside other popular apps. Let me know what you think!


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